Sunday, March 25, 2007


We're back! Raul and I both returned home this week to a very lonely cat and a messy house. We took our tests on Friday; I really had a marathon day - two exams and four simulated patient encounters (for those of you who have never had the opportunity evaulate a patient actor, it's really an interesting experience. Some of them are quite dramatic - and even go so far as to put Cambell's chunky soup in their mouth and stage an episode of vomiting right as you walk in the door. As you would imagine, the appropriate and compassionate response to such a situation is not to start laughing - however, some of the encounters really are hilarious.)

Anyways, we're home! It's so nice to be back and to have a free weekend. I was able to catch up with my parents this weekend - I hadn't talked to either of them in several weeks. I met up with some friends. And I finished a baby blanket (post is coming soon!) And apparently, I fell asleep on the couch with the cat yesterday for about 4 hours while Raul did some manual labor. As mentioned in earlier entries, I have been on a bit of yarn buying bender lately. I have stopped for the moment, but I've really amassed quite a stash (see picture below.) I went to the local hardware store (Menards, for all you nostalgic Midwesterners) and bought these big, tupperware totes, so I could store the yarn under the bed. Of course, they were too tall to go under the bed, so Raul had to build these wooden block things that fit around the wheels on the bed frame and elevated the bed. It worked, and now the yarn is happily stashed away! He's quite a guy.

This is an unrelated topic, but I wanted to comment on this experience. When Raul visited and we were flipping through the channels on TV one night, we came across Titanic (the movie with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio) on TV. Raul had never seen it before and he wanted to watch it - we tuned in at the point where they'd hit the iceberg and the ship was at the beginning stages of going down. Raul mentioned that big ships like that can take hours to sink, and they really effectively conveyed that in the movie. I saw the movie back in college, and I remember all the girls at my school being in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. I missed that whole infatuation boat, but I didn't remember the movie being so painful to watch - I yelled something like, "sink already!" after watching it for an hour or so. I really have no patience anymore. Med school's ruined me.

Happy weekend to all!

And as promised a picture o' the stash (or at least part of it):

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