Friday, March 2, 2007

Enough already

So, for those of you keeping track of the weather in Iowa, we are currently in the midst of a blizzard as predicted. We received several inches of snow last night - think maybe 8-10"? I'm not sure. When I awoke this morning, all the roads (including the interstate) leading in and out of Mason City were either closed or completely covered in snow with travel not advised and towing services prohibited. Good times. So, I am here for tonight - I think things should be better tomorrow. Raul is also stuck in Des Moines - apparently, yesterday visibility was only about 1/4 mile due to the storm.

I want to go home! I am frustrated and somewhat angry at being stranded in Mason City, and I have decided to blame the captains of industry that pumped pollutants into the environment that are warming the jet stream currents that mixed with this front and prompted it to drop 10 inches of snow and ice on all the roads between me and Iowa City. Despite my Al Gore inspired rant (and he is quite the inspirational figure), apparently storms of this nature are not completely unheard of in these parts. During the many hours I spent listening to NPR this morning, I learned that the word blizzard originated in Iowa (not a surprise) and a similar storm swept through this area back in 1982. All my clinical activities were cancelled today due to inclement weather. I spent my morning knitting, obsessively watching the weather channel, listening to NPR and digging out my car. All and all, it was a grand time. Here are photos:

The car (buried.) I was not excited about the prospect of unearthing the car. I contemplated asking Raul to make a detour through Mason City on his way home to help me clean off the car. I came to my senses and realized I could do it myself.

After 30 minutes of brushing and scraping, here is the finished project. Thankfully, Raul had two mismatched gloves stashed in the car. This work freezes bare hands. And no worries - Raul just reminded me that I need to clean the snow off the taillights.

Here is a completed mitten for the right hand. I wore it on the walk to the hospital this afternoon, and my right hand was quite toasty. Hopefully, I will get to start and finished the mate soon (my left hand was cold.)

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