Saturday, July 4, 2009

Santa Barbara...

Is totally awesome!!

Raul and I had a much needed weekend getaway last month, and I totally fell in love with Santa Barbara. Like I want to move there right now. Seriously.

We happened to be in town for their annual Summer Solstice parade. Santa Barbarians really get into their summer solsticing and parades. It was quite impressive. Take a look.

It reminded me of Iowa City, except without the snow and like a million times more expensive. And there's a dog beach!


Lorrel said...

I'm happy you and Raul were able to spend this weekend in Santa Barbara. How nice to get to see the parade. You deserved that opportunity to relax. Love you.

J.Po said...


this is a totally unrelated comment, but you need to know about this site:

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We should have a craft retreat some day!

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