Friday, February 6, 2009


Yesterday was my birthday. Yay! And it was also the first day of a two week vacation, so I have time to blog. Also, yay!

As a pre-birthday present, we went to a local spinning and weaving shop to buy some goodies. I bought a little less than a pound of washed and picked fleece (wool shorn from the sheep that has been minimally processed.) I am blending it with some hand-dyed merino roving from my stash and make a vest for Raul (aka best husband ever.)

Here is a photo of roving + fleece:


I also bought some hand carders. You use these to separate the raw fleece and blend it with the roving to make it ready for spinning. That thing at the top is a rolag (the wool after carding), and it's ready for spinning!

Here is a shot of what I have spun so far. Very excited!

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!! Can't wait to see teh finished product...- asiyah

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