Monday, January 5, 2009

Good Night Sweet Boy

As some of you may know, Raul and I recently adopted Pluto from a local animal rescue organization. He was an 8 year old Irish Wolfhound/Lab mix, and he was really a prince among dogs. We found out last Friday that Pluto likely had metastatic cancer, and an oncologist confirmed our suspicions today. His disease was so advanced and his pain was such that putting him to sleep was the only option. To Pluto, we would like to say that the days we spent with you were precious, and we are better for having known you, even if it was for a short time. You will be missed.


UKD said...

I made a comment because you didn't have a one and poor old pluto so sad to lose a loved one in that way.....but uplifting also to know you cared so much as to remember him in this way

Anonymous said...

Aww Shannon, I'm so sorry! - asiyah

Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture of Pluto. I'm sorry for your loss. It's good that he was in a nice place for his last days.

Lorrel said...

I am so sorry to hear that Pluto was in such misery and I'm happy that you and Raul were there for him. Also Flynn. I'm sure the two of them were happy for their time spent together. We just got home from Bakersfield at noon today. What a short trip. Got to see your mom, Raymond and Ryan and Kailan for a short while last evening. The concert was so good and there was such a loving crowd in attendance. What a wonderful gift to us from your mother and Raymond. I hope all is well with you and Raul. Happy days ahead.
All my love.

hmmd said...

So sorry, for all of you, but what a wonderful last chapter for Pluto, to be part of your family. Hope Master Flynn is not too bereft.

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