Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whose blood are you covered in?

I am now rotating through a county psychiatric ER, and I used the above line to open a patient interview after introducing myself. Exciting times. I was on call last Sunday, and an agitated and violent patient had to get tasered. The situation was terrifying. I remained safely in the nurses station while the patient was being subdued; I am not trained to take down patients, and I have resolved to myself (and repeatedly promised to Raul) that I will not try.

I am glad that Thanksgiving is coming up and I will have a bit of a break from this rotation.

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Lorrel said...

I'm happy that I talked to you today before reading this blog. It must have been quite a scary situation. When I think of the situations that you have to deal with it is pretty intense but I know you are growing from these experiences. And the way you handle situations is very admirable. I love you so much. Have some good R&R. You and Raul deserve it.

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