Sunday, May 11, 2008

Odds and Ends

I am trying to wrap up loose ends around here. We are leaving in one week! I am in denial about my imminent departure. I am so going to miss this town. I dyed up the last of my Grandma's wool - take a gander:

Here's another treat for you:

Hello. I am a block-head frog.

I needle-felted this little guy. I tried to make a frog, but I had never really thought about how frogs' heads are constructed, and a blockhead frog resulted. I have since put considerable thought into the shape and dimensions of frog heads, and should I ever attempt a needle-felted frog finger puppet in the future, I hope the final outcome will be better. Just so you know, with needle felting, you basically gently stab roving (in this case it was green) repeatedly with a sharp, barbed needle. It felts and you can shape it into whatever you like. For the head, I carved a squishy foam block with some scissors into a shape that I thought resembled a frog's head, and then you stab the roving onto the foam. Clear as mud?

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