Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Digs in Mason City

Hey Everyone,
So, Raul and I survived the storm. The Cirque show was canceled and rescheduled for some weekend in March that we won't be able to make because Raul has call. We also made a quick trip home to Iowa City to see the cat (she sends her love), snow blow the driveway and discover water in the basement. For all you lacking either a basement or experience living in the midwest - water in the basement is generally not a good thing. It typically implies some sort of malevolent process (ie - your sewer line is clogged and your basement is filling with sewage or you have a pipe that froze and then busted and your basement is now being flooded.) Fortunately (or unfortunately) for us, I don't think either of these processes are at work - we're hypothesizing that the sump pump pit system is backed up. I really have no idea how to explain a sump pump system, and we are unsure of how to fix it - I am in the process of calling in the experts. Being out of town really makes handling such matters very difficult.
Another storm is on the way tonight. Snow and ice are again forcasted. Apparently this last storm left thousands of Iowans without power, and with the next storm right on it's heels, the power company can't keep up. I was in clinic yesterday when an emergency broadcast was made on TV - people without power were instructed to immediately call 911 and they would receive transportation to the shelter. Scary.
Anyhoo - I've moved on from Des Moines, and I am now in family practice residency clinic in Mason City, IA. I'm living in a 2br apartment that I was supposed to share with another Iowa med student, but she opted to stay with some in-laws, so I have the run of the apartment. Woohoo. Compared to my previous lodgings in Des Moines, this place is palatial, and there's cable! Here are photos of my hospital provided apartment:

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